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6  Effect of Multimediated Video Modeling for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders to Improve Self-Help Skills   2007/10/08  
5  Assessment of Vocational Talents for Children with ASD   2007/10/08  
4  Using Animation to Increase Expressive Verbal Language for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders   2005/03/25  
3  Parent’s Implementation of Self-management to Decrease Impulsive Behavior for Children with high-functioning Autism in Free Play at Home [164]   2004/09/12  
2  Effect of Audio-Casette taped Social Story Intervention to Manage Socially Inappropriate Behaviors Skills for Children with Asperger's Disorders   2004/09/12  
1  School-Based Multicomponent Strategy to Manage Disruptive Classroom Behaviors for Children with Behavior Disorders   2004/02/21  
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