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admin 2011-01-23 12:20:11
Subject Seeds laboriously bursting through the solid ground
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These kinds of grief, sorrow, pain, suffering, and heavy sadness do not just belong to us human-beings. You may see seeds laboriously bursting through the solid ground, standing against a violent storm and heavy rain, and bearing up against so many heavy challenges. You may watch on a TV documentary program struggling baby tortoises running ahead to the sea right after hatching and meet so many dangers and hurdles such as their natural enemies, snakes, eagles, and high rocks. This also comes to plants, fish, animals, human-beings, ghosts, and maybe even to the angelic dimensions.

Depending on his or her dimension where he or she belongs to, the topography or shape of the agony and pain looks slightly different. We can not avoid these as we are predisposed to. If it is, isn’t it far more free or fortunate to be an animal to dig the ground than to be a plant? Being a deer that can run from death enough to hide him from danger is much better than being a struggling baby tortoise. Of course, being a human-being is unexplainably better rather than to be a big animal. Then, what about us, human-beings, dreaming of being free from the pain? Isn't it better to be an awakened spirit aware of the fact any pain is inessential and that 'Form is nothing other than emptiness and emptiness is nothing other than form'.  

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