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Subject The Buddha said that all beings have 'Buddhahood' in them
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The Buddha said that all beings have 'Buddhahood' in them. In Carl Jung's Collective Unconscious, archetypes are there and the Self, the center of archetypes, or the real Self is set in the collective unconscious. The Buddhahood is also like the kernel of the seed which contains or reflects the perfect information on its color, shape, fragrance, and blooming season to the physical environment. Fortunately, we are standing in May when the Buddha was born to our planet, and we have the special month that we try to sharpen our spiritual antenna to become aware of and realize our Buddhahood.

We are destined to work through or experience a variety of sadness, loneliness, and despair in life as well as a twinkle of joy and amusement. Someone is writhing in great agony as he loses his dearest one, someone is in pain from loosing his lambs by car accident, and the other is being pinched by bankruptcy and being homeless staying nights in the street. Someone may be tormented by hatred, betrayal, and anger. Someone gets immerged into depression losing the meaning of life and seems never to get over the depression in life. The Buddha preached that we need to know “Life is agony and everyone lives in the world of suffering. Everyone suffers from birth, sickness, age, death, being with those we dislike, being apart from those we love, and not getting what we want. All kinds of problems and disappointments are unavoidable.” We ourselves proved or long for in our conscious or unconscious every morning right before we jump up from the bed that 'I do not want to get awakened any more and get sleep forever.'

Though we have a bright smile on our face with the Persona, a social mask, we have a deep and black-hole-like loneliness or agony in the root of our heart. Yes, we do! It is a fact of our being. We have a deep sadness or suffering in us. Why is it?

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