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Subject Intimately and closely interconnected to each other in the oneness
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Using 'Collective Unconscious' suggested by G. C. Jung (a Swiss psychiatrist and analytic psychologist), none of us is a totally separated being. We are intimately and closely interconnected to each other in the oneness but just feel ourselves as separated through our ego or physical sensations in our personal conscious. A finger may think that a toe is totally another existence which is none of his (the finger’s) business. We all know that the finger and the toe are in the oneness, vitally connected to each other from a whole perspective. You and I are in the Oneness just as in one physical body system. Unfortunately, we just are not aware of this reality.

We are not well trained or disciplined to be aware of in the genuinely realistic way. Once you ponder on the reality you will get the message in our heart that none of us is another person or another existence. The Buddha had come to the planet to let us be aware of this reality just like a stream of sunshine and mist come to grow the seeds to sprout and grow at the right time.

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